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Noddy's Puncture at the Limelight

The Limelight Club is a large venue, which has a sizeable stage.

This gave Noddy's Puncture the opportunity to perform their ELP tribute set as it's meant to be seen.

Here, we were able to give all the numbers the full ELP treatment, as opposed to the Six Bells gig which, although a very intimate venue, the limited stage area meant that the full visual side of our performance wasn't possible.

Here are some small video clips for you to download. They can be played on your computer using Windows Media Player.

Please be aware that the downloadable video clips below are in no way an indication of the quality of the full concerts which are available. We have made these clips "download friendly" by significantly reducing the resolution. The complete gig is provided on two CD-R's and runs for approx. one and three quarter hours.

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The download times shown are for a 28.8 modem connected under ideal conditions.

To save the clip(s) to your hard drive, right click on the link and use the "Save As..." option.

ClipDurationFile SizeDownload Time
Limelight Clip 1 59s1.6M7m 54s
Limelight Clip 2 37s1.0M5m 0s
Limelight Clip 3 40s1.1M5m 28s
Limelight Clip 4 46s1.3M6m 11s
Limelight Clip 5 45s1.2M6m 3s

Noddy's Puncture at the Six Bells

Six Bells  Bernd, Tom and Lez

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For the past eleven years or so, Noddy's Puncture, in it's various different line-ups, have been playing at the Six Bells in Chiddingly - Keith Emerson's local pub, every August Bank Holiday weekend. It has become something of a ritual, regularly attracting ELP fans from all over the country. Many new friends have been made and most of Keith's family have also attended over the years, including on one occasion, a visit from Lee Jackson from The NICE.

August 2001 was however, a different matter..!

The gig was booked and discussions were rife about the event, right up until the beginning of August, with many fans preparing to travel from all over the globe. These fans had even booked their flights, ferries, car hire and accomodation.

Then, just as the gig was looming on the horizon, Noddy's Puncture's bassist dropped a bombshell. He told us that he wasn't going to do the gig. We asked him, even if he did want to leave, to make this weekend his 'Swan Song' just so as not to let all these die-hard fans down. After all, they all stood to lose a lot of money. Amazingly his answer was still a firm 'No'!

We thought we would have to cancel. But then the European fan contingent got together and started 'organising'!

We were contacted and asked would we, the remaining two members of Noddy's - Tom, Keyboards and Lez the Drummer, consider playing with a stand-in bassist from Germany?

Bernd, the bassist in question, plays in the ELP tribute band 'Thrillogy' based in Munich. Well, we agreed and started e-mailing possible setlists, lyrics and other musically related topics to and fro. We burned CDs of the band's arrangements and posted them out. We all set about learning each others tracks that were not familiar to us, as obviously the two tribute bands sets were different. It was a tall order. We had just 3 weeks!

We met Bernd for the first time on the Saturday afternoon. As we were to be playing that very night, we had a very quick 'rehearsal'. We then played two nights for the fans that had travelled far and wide - literally - to see us.

A BIG thank you to Bernd at this point... for saving us in our moment of need!

One member of our audience - Even, who had come over from Oslo in Norway with three friends, was armed with his trusty video camera and committed Saturday nights gig to tape.

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering you the chance to own this 'historic' recording on two Video CDs, playable on your computer using Media Player.

To find out more or to place an order please e-mail us at: [email protected]