The Six Bells, Chiddingly, Sussex (August 2001)

with Bernd Wipich all the way from Munich - standing in on bass

Bernd, Tom & Lez Tom Bernd (Tom in background) Bernd on bass guitar

Bernd on acoustic guitar Lez Lez


The Six Bells, Chiddingly, Sussex (August 2000)

including guest appearance from John Young

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ELP Convention (1995)

img6 img8


Photos from early gigs

with Lez Piszkalo on drums and Tony Gunderson on bass

Tom tilts his organ! More organ gymnastics. Wasn't me, was it? Another one of Tom.

Rondo swipe Anyone for tennis? You bring the balls. What's that Lez, Radio 1?

Animal OK, who farted? No, not him, watch me, over here on bass... More horsing about.

No paper in the ladies either?...OK Have you heard the one about the keyboard player?... Someone call 999. Oy, give me my legs back.

Oooh, what a lucky man... You've got to be joking right? Say cheese. Hmm...


Daves Bentley's 40th birthday bash

with a 70's theme - a few shots from the day

Dave at the soundcheck Lez with attachment Tom at the soundcheck