Noddy's Puncture

The UK's only ELP & The NICE Tribute Band


Our next gig is on Saturday 31st August

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Keith Emerson used Noddy's Puncture Hammond

L100 Organ at the High Voltage Festival

And here we are at ELP's rehearsal a couple of days before the gig...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Just to let you know about the Keith Emerson biography – “Pictures Of An Exhibitionist” – a feature film which as you may know, is currently in production. I am trying to help my friends David and Jason Woodford by promoting their project that is being funded by a contribution based campaign (on indiegogo) which is now up and running..! I have also offered to help by suggesting a “Noddy’s Puncture” CD could be included with certain levels of donation.

To find out more please go to: and click the “Count Me In” button.
From there you can make a contribution. And to see a full cast and crew list please go to:

Also please spread the word – and remember, even the smallest contribution makes a big difference…;c)


Yet again, we shall be using our new Modular Moog Synthesizer on the upcoming gigs..!

It's proved itself time and time again... and it's been upgraded recently too. It's a beast...:)



Keith Emerson plays with Noddy's Puncture
Live CD available now


Noddy's Puncture Mugs
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You can get our Audio and Video CD's now!


We're so glad you could attend...!


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