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Thank you, Masked Man! .... featuring Keith Emerson - £10 GBP plus shipping

Published 2006

Thank you, Masked Man! CD Cover Artwork

Sample Tracks and Teasers

Please watch our Youtube sampler video for this CD featuring Emo:

Song Title File type
Tarkus (live) 128Kbps mp3
America (live) 56Kbps mp3

Please note that America (full track) is low quality to make it download friendly. Both are samples of tracks from our live CD "Thank You, Masked Man!" which features Keith Emerson!

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Exact timings as promised in the CD booklet:

Track 2 - Tarkus/Knife Edge

Half way through the "Stones of Years" solo Keith appears on stage and takes over from Tom at 04:30 until 05:43.

Track 3 - Fanfare/Pictures

Tom starts the intro and then after the Timp rolls - at 01:03 - Keith plays the first part of Fanfare. Tom then takes over for the "Old Castle" at 03:10.

During "Blues Variation" Keith takes over at 05:57 until 07:07 where he hands it back to Tom. Later on, having picked a quiet moment, Keith is to be found round the back of the Hammond for a spot of reverb-spring-twanging - from 11:34 to 12:02. This one took the band totally by surprise as none of us could see him hiding there!

Track 4 - Rondo

Keith appears on stage during Tom's "Italian Concerto" intro and then repeats that intro on synth at 01:07 He then suggests they play "Rondo" together with Tom on Hammond, Keith on synth. At the start of the solo section - at 03:28 - Emo plays "Flight of the Bumblebee" and then Tom repeats it. By 03:51 Keith is behind the organ and starts the "Toccatta & Fugue" over Tom's descending left hand. He then crosses to the front of the Hammond and it's Emo until 05:14. From this point it's Tom on Hammond and Keith on synth, throwing quotes back and forth.

After starting the "Rondo reprise" on synthesizer (which was Keith's idea!) Emo plays the "swipes" between Tom's block chords at 11:42 until 11:49 then he's back on the synths to the end.

Warts & All - £10 GBP plus shipping

Published 2000

Warts & All CD Cover Artwork

The following are short extracts from the 'Warts & All' live CD.

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Song Title Clip Duration
Affairs of the Heart 34s
Beethovens 9th 43s
Fanfare 1m2s
Hoedown 34s
Honky Tonk Train Blues 42s
I'm Thinking 54s
Lucky Man 54s
Nutrocker 24s
Peter Gunn 38s
The Smile Has Left Your Eyes 37s